Mostly grown for its attractive foliage, Liriope muscari (Blue Lily Turf) is an evergreen tuberous perennial forming a dense clump of narrow, arching, dark green leaves. Blooming for weeks in late summer and fall, erect spikes of thickly clustered, small violet-purple flowers, 6-8 in. tall (15-20 cm), appear on 5-12 in. stems (12-30 cm). They resemble grape hyacinth (Muscari), hence the Latin name. The blooms give way to round, shiny, black berries which often persist into winter. Hardy and compact, Lily Turf is a popular, alluring plant, particularly handsome when grown in large swaths or undulating rivers. Liriope muscari can be used as a lawn grass substitute too.

  • Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Grows up to 12-18 in. tall and wide (30-45 cm).
  • Performs best in light, moderately fertile, preferably acid, moist but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Tolerates full shade, but will produce more elongated foliage and spread more slowly. Shelter from cold, drying winds in frost-prone areas.
  • Lily Turf is a wonderful edging plant for walks, paths, pool decks, narrow spaces and looks spectacular in mass plantings or as a ground cover. This is also an excellent choice for placing in front of shrubs or under trees for a fluffy effect.
  • Lily Turf is trouble-free: deer and rabbit resistant, heat, humidity and drought tolerant (once established), and is virtually disease and pest free.
  • Cut old leaves down to the ground in spring to encourage fresh foliage.
  • Propagate by seed sown in containers outdoors in spring or propagate by division in spring
  • Native to China, Taiwan, Japan.