Drought tolerant, this sweet but vigorous little plant produces a profusion of delightfully scented, large, pure white flowers that will quickly cover your beds and borders with a sea of white flowers that will beautifully mix with your other annuals or perennials. It will also cascade richly from your containers or hanging baskets and beautify your rock garden.

  • With its incredibly long blooming season, from late spring to frost, 'Snow Crystals' forms a neat and compact mound, up to 6-8 in. tall (15-20 cm) and 10-12 in. wide (25-30 cm).
  • Loved by butterflies, it is hardy to USDA 9 - 11 and grown as an annual in cooler areas.
  • Prefers full sun locations and enjoys averagemedium moisturewell-drained soils. While tolerant of high summer temperatures, some afternoon shade would be appreciated in hot weather areas. Water regularly for best performance.
  • Fertilize regularly. Shear plants back by one-half after the first flush of bloom to promote new blooms.