Extraordinarily popular, Award-winner Sedum 'Brilliant' is one of the most durable and trouble-free of all border sedums. Vigorous, hardy, carefree, good-looking, with a season of interest lasting more than 6 months from early summer until well into winter, who could resist?

This upright variety sports flat clusters, 3-4 in. wide (7-10 cm), of brilliant, light pink flowers with long stamens that extend beyond the end of the petals. They color up in early fall to rust red. The foliage is smooth, light green, more glaucous underneath, and looks great all season long.

  • Recipient of the Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society in 1993
  • Easy to grow, this standout perennial forms an 18-24 in. tall and wide (45-60 cm) clump of thick, fleshy foliage topped with flower buds resembling broccoli. Gradually, these densely clustered buds will reveal tiny, star-like soft pink flowers in mid to late summer, which will softly change to rusty red and then coppery-rust in the fall as they die.
  • Both foliage and dead inflorescences will remain attractive through winter, providing some additional interest.
  • Provides color and contrast to beds, borders or rock garden at a time when most plants have stopped blooming. Effective when planted en masse or in groups.
  • Best grown in full sun, in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils. Tolerates very light shade and poor soils.
  • Flowers are attractive to bees, hummingbirds and butterflies and excellent as cut flowers.
  • Drought and heat tolerant once established, it is disease resistant!
  • Deer resistant
  • Low maintenance, this Sedum forgives neglect!

Members of the genus Hylotelephium, border sedums are essential beauties for the late season garden and deserve a spot in gravel gardens. Undemanding, not aggressive, with fleshy, drought resistant foliage and lovely domed flowerheads packed with a profusion of tiny starry flowers, opening to white, pink or red blossoms in late summer or early fall, they are a popular attraction to butterflies. They look particularly attractive with Asters, Solidago (Ornamental Golden rods), Boltonias and Ornamental Grasses. Standing for months, their faded flowers and seed heads provide a colorful display in late fall and winter, even under snow caps. There are hundreds of Hylotelephium cultivars and hybrids to pick from. Which one will be yours?