Long lasting, the large snow-white blossoms of Tulip 'Mondial' resemble peonies with their double row of feathery petals surrounding a creamy yellow center. Fragrant, this Double Early Tulip has been popular since its introduction in 1997 and will awaken the garden in early - mid spring. You may want to create lovely colorful bouquets in your beds, borders or containers and combine 'Mondial' with other fabulous Double Early Tulips.

  • Growing only 8-12 inches tall (20-30 cm) on sturdy stems, it will proudly withstand April's showers!
  • By itself or mixed with other bulbs or perennials, it will bring happy dashes of colors in your beds or borders.
  • Performs best in full sun in rich, fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Prefers areas with cool winters and warm dry summers.
  • Easy to grow, this tulip is a welcomed addition to beds, borders, containers. For best visual impact, plant in groups (at least 10 to 15 bulbs) or mixed with any other flowering bulbs. Excellent as cut flowers!
  • To be planted in fall.
  • Eating may cause severe discomfort and may cause a skin allergy.

A symbol of spring, tulips are the most popular spring bulbs and most gardeners reserve them a spot in the garden or in containers. Grown for their attractive, vibrantly colored flowers, there are currently over 3,000 registered varieties, which are divided into fifteen groups, mostly based on the flower type, size and blooming period of the tulip.

With their double row of petals, the Double Early tulips look almost like peonies. Their bowl-shaped blooms reach 3 in. (8 cm) across and come in a wide range of colors ranging from red to yellow or white. They often exhibit a contrasting color, offering a striking color display in the garden in early-mid spring. Some are even fragrant! Growing only 8-12 inches tall (20-30 cm) on sturdy stems, they withstand spring showers and generally last longer than the Single Early Tulips.