Favored by most gardeners for the beauty of their exquisite flowers, their delightful fragrance, and their bold foliage changing shades over the seasons, peony flowers add a dazzling splash of color in the landscape. Virtually carefree once established, they live for generations, are deer proof and produce some of the best cut flowers - making them one of Nature's loveliest perennials!

However, the glamorous blossoms of these perennial plants sometimes have a tendency to flop over after the inevitable rain storm. The large peony flowers (especially the heavy double-flowered types) collect and hold a substantial weight of water, overloading the stems. As a result, they tend to arch toward the ground and even sturdy stems may fall or break.

  • Single or Anemone flowering peonies, with their smaller flowers, are less prone to bowing and 'kissing the ground'. However, they may still need support to withstand the worst storms.
  • Sadly, peony rings are no guarantee that a hard rain won’t shatter the flowers. They also make them look as if they were in prison. Staking each stem may be the only way to keep the attractive blooms upright above the foliage. However, many of us are unwilling to devote that level of care.

Therefore, you will find below a selection of peonies that do not require staking and could become the highlight of your spring garden!