A very hardy Agave from northeastern Mexico, Agave striata (Narrow Leaf Century Plant) is an evergreen, perennial succulent forming interesting rosettes of thin, gray-green leaves with a sharp, dark brown terminal spine. Radiating from the center, the leaves can be stiff or upward curving, and may add lovely purple tones in drought or cold. Mature plants (over 10 years) flower only once. They are topped with unbranched flowering stalks which emerges straight up from the heart and can reach 10 ft. (3 m). It bears pale yellow flowers that attract hummingbirds. This Agave produces abundant offshoots or pups after flowering to form small colonies.

  • Grows up to 18-24 in. tall (45-60 cm) and 24-36 in. wide (60-90 cm).
  • Easily grown in dry, well-drained soils in full sun. Provide little to no irrigation. Drought tolerant.
  • Great for rock gardens, succulent gardens or Mediterranean gardens.
  • Plant away from foot traffic: the needle-sharp spines on the leaf tips can be a hazard to humans and pets. Don't plant this Agave near paths or walkways
  • Attracts hummingbirds and birds but is deer resistant
  • Virtually disease free. Watch for scale insects.
  • Use caution, safety glasses, long sleeves, long pants, well covered shoes, and gloves when cutting this plant.
  • Native of northeastern Mexico