A semi-trailing Begonia, Begonia boliviensis 'Mistral Pink' produces masses of large, eye-catching, bright pink blossoms held amongst large, arrow-shaped, neatly serrated, green leaves. It is perfect for vertical gardens with its elegant cascades of vivid, elongated flowers resembling fuchsias. Heat and drought tolerant, introduce this Begonia to your containers and hanging baskets and you will be rewarded with brilliant notes of color throughout summer and fall!

  • Enjoying continuous blooms from late spring to fall, this Begonia typically grows up to 10-12 in. tall (25-30 cm) and 14-16 in. wide (35-40 cm).
  • Prefers locations that have partial shade and light, rich, moist and well-drained soils. Full shade is tolerated, but expect fewer (but larger) flowers and lower growth. Provide good air circulation and protect your Begonias from strong winds!
  • Ridiculously easy to grow and care-free!
  • This Begonia is not winter hardy. In cooler areas than zones 9-11, dig up the tubers before the first frost and store them dormant in a cool dry place over winter.