Roses are healthier when we provide them with companion plants which help repel destructive bugs and pests while encouraging beneficial insects. Here, the delightfully fragrant English rose 'Teasing Georgia' is interplanted with Achillea millefolium 'Paprika (Yarrow) for a striking rose combination. The fine feathery leaves and lace-work of tiny red flowers surrounding a golden heart makes the large, yellow cup-shaped roses appear more vibrant than they would on their own.

Easy to grow, Achillea is a perennial plant that is a great rose companion plant as it will also cover the exposed knees of the rose bushes without covering the delicate beauty of their blossoms, attract a huge number of insects such as ladybugs who in turn will feed on aphids. Achillea flowers just as the roses begin to bloom - providing an attractive early and long-lasting display. Enjoy!