Native to South Africa, African Daisies (Arctotis) are showy tender perennials exhibiting brightly colored daisy-like flowers, up to 3 in. wide (8 cm), contrasting with their black or yellow center disks and their beautiful, finely cut, silvery-green foliage. Available in a wide array of colors such as red, yellow, pink, purple and white, most of those grown in our gardens are hybrids resulting from a cross between Arctotis Fastuosa and Arctotis Venusta.

  • Blooming continuously from late spring to frost (in hot areas, Arctotis will stop blooming in summer until temperature cools off. Blooming will start again in fall), their flowers close at night and may only partially open up on cloudy days.
  • Typically growing in compact mounds about 12 - 24 inches tall (30-60 cm) and 1 foot wide (30 cm), they perform best in full sun, in sandy, consistently moist, well-drained soils. They are drought tolerant once established.
  • Resilient to pests and diseases, they are great candidates for borders, rock gardens or for containers.
  • Arctotis are hardy to USDA 9 - 11 and grown as annuals in cooler areas.
  • Deadhead spent flowers to promote additional blooms.