Adding an exotic touch to the garden, Berberidopsis corallina (Coral Plant) is a woody evergreen climber with gracefully arching shoots clothed in large, heart-shaped, dark green leaves. In late summer to early fall, their tips are adorned with pendent clusters of ruby-red flowers, hanging like porcelain drop earrings. This beautiful twining shrub is a great choice for partially shaded, sheltered walls or fences.

  • Thrives in part shade, in humus-rich, moist, well-drained soils. Dislikes strong winds and strong sun. Best grown in a north or west facing site. Lime-free soils are preferred.
  • Easy to grow, this Coral vine can quickly grow up to 10-14 ft. (300-420 cm).
  • Excellent choice for trellises, walls, fences or arbors.
  • Propagate by seed in spring or by stem cuttings or layering in late summer or fall.
  • Native to Chile