Symbol of beauty and love in the past, award-winning Myrtus communis (Common Myrtle) is a bushy medium-sized evergreen shrub with small, aromatic, glossy green leaves, which release a pleasant fragrance when crushed. A profusion of fragrant, showy white flowers, 1 in. across (2 cm) bloom from mid spring to early summer before giving way to purplish-black berries. Always neat and tidy, this Mediterranean native is very easy to grow and useful in water-wise plantings. All in all, a coveted garden plant.

  • Awarded the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Grows in a rounded medium-sized, shrub up to 8-12 ft. tall and wide (240-360 cm) but this Myrtle is usually kept smaller with pruning.
  • Easily grown in moist, well-drained soils in full sun or light shade. Provide a sheltered location, protected from cold winter winds. This plant requires a long hot summer to produce flowers and fruits
  • Drought tolerant and deer resistant. Moderate tolerance to frost.
  • Great for wall-side borders, shrub borders, hedges, city gardens, cottage gardens, Mediterranean gardens or even containers
  • Virtually disease and pest free
  • Propagate by seed or semi-hardwood cuttings