Tall, Agastache rugosa F. albiflora (Giant Hyssop) looks ravishing in a border with its lovely creamy-white spikes held over a light-green aromatic foliage which exudes an anise scent when crushed. Its long flowering season, showy flower spikes, licorice-scented foliage, low maintenance and deer resistance explain its great popularity among gardeners! And it is not only pleasing to people. Bees, hummingbirds and butterflies adore it too.

  • On display from midsummer to early fall, it forms clumps of erect, branched stems up to 3 feet tall (90 cm) and 18-24 in. wide (45-60 cm), which add lovely vertical lines to the landscape. 
  • Ideal to add color in the late season garden when many other plants are fading.
  • Provides a bold and striking impact in bedsborderscottage gardens, herb gardens, butterfly gardens or in prairie plantings. Ideal for naturalistic planting schemes. Great as cut flowers too! The aromatic leaves are edible and may be sprinkled in salads, used to decorate cakes or to add flavor to teas.
  • Best grown in full sun, in averagedry to medium moisturewell-drained soils. Tolerates almost any soils, including dry, poor soils. While a sturdy plant, it may require staking if planted in rich, moist soils or in exposed locations. Dislikes damp conditions and needs excellent drainage!
  • Attracts streams of hummingbirdsbutterflies and other beneficial pollinators.
  • Drought tolerant once established.
  • Generally disease and pest free (might occasionally be subject to powdery mildew) and resistant to deer and rabbits.
  • Deadhead spent flowers to promote additional bloom. 
  • The main cultivars of Agastache rugosa F.albiflora are 'Alabaster', 'Honey Bee White' and 'Liquorice White'.