Native to western China, Rosa moyesii, commonly known as Mandarin Rose or Moyes Rose, is a healthy and robust Rose that can be relied on to provide interest and color. Parent to many shrub roses, this is a vigorous, deciduous shrub with an attractive spreading arching habit. It is covered with a plentiful array of remarkable, wine-red flowers, up to 3 in. (7 cm), with prominent yellow central stamens in late spring. Flowering is so profuse that the attractive blossoms nearly cover the lustrous dark green fern-like foliage. As an extra bonus, these are followed in fall by crops of striking bottle-shaped rose-hips, adding interest and color to the winter garden.

  • Blooming occurs in late spring to early summer, some varieties may bloom only once while others repeat prolifically.
  • Enjoying a bushy, upright, rounded habit, this ravishing shrub is a superb addition to borders and creates lovely fragrant informal hedges.
  • Grows up from 5 to 13 feet tall (150- 400 cm) with a similar spread on strong, reddish to chocolate, weeping stems.
  • Best grown in full sun, in slightly acidic, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Light shade is tolerated, but flowering and disease resistance may be affected. Provide good air circulation and avoid overhead watering.
  • Very disease resistant, although may blackspot in wet climates.
  • Attractive to pollinating insects, butterflies and birds which feast on the large and colorful rose hips during the winter months.
  • Requires little maintenance. Do not remove spent flowers if you want to enjoy a beautiful crop of orange-red hips in fall and winter. Pruning should be carried out once flowering is complete. Obviously, if pruning is carried out after flowering no hips will follow.

Every variation of Rosa moyesii is treasured:

Rosa 'Geranium' - one of most famous moyesii hybrids, this compact cultivar is prized for its brilliant geranium-red blooms, up to 2.5 in. (6 cm), and for its characteristic flagon-shaped orange-red hips in fall. Grows up to 8 ft. (240 cm) and spreads 7 ft. (210 cm). It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Bred by Mulligan in 1938.

Rosa 'Nevada' is another famous moyesii hybrid, which was bred in Spain in 1927 by Pedro Dot. This charming rose features fat, pinkish buds, which open 4 in. wide (10 cm) into creamy white flowers on arching red shoots with a vivacious display. The flattened white petals are beautifully complemented by golden center stamens. The fragrant blossoms appear in late spring in such an abundance that they nearly cover the light green foliage. 'Nevada' repeats intermittently throughout the summer and fall. This majestic shrub grows up to 5-7 ft. (150-210 cm) with a similar spread. Excellent disease resistance and winter hardiness. ARS Merit award.

Rosa 'Highdownensis'. Bred in UK (1928) by Sir Frederick Stern. A magnificent rose shrub with cerise-crimson flowers. Mild fragrance. A once time bloomer. Excellent disease resistance and winter hardiness. 8-13 ft. tall (240-390 cm) and 6-10 ft. wide (180-300 cm)

Rosa moyesii is a splendid species Rose that belongs to the Rosaceae family. It was discovered by the Botanist E. Wilson, who named it as a compliment after Reverend James Moyes (1876-1930) of the China Inland Mission.