Extremely showy, Culver's Root 'Album' (Veronicastrum virginicum) displays eye-catching spikes of densely-clustered, tiny, pure white flowers with pink-flushed bases and pink anthers, from midsummer to early fall. With a candelabra look, these attractive inflorescences are nicely complemented by lanceolate, dark-green leaves that are arranged in whorls around the stem.

  • Growing up to 4-6 feet high (120-180 cm) and 2-3 feet wide (60-90 cm), Culver's Root is an upright flowering perennial which provides interesting vertical height in the garden and is quite effective at the back of the perennial border or in a mixed shrub borders. Perfect as an accent plant, it is also a great candidate for naturalistic plantings, cottage gardens or wild gardens.
  • Performs best in full sun or part shade, in average, medium to wet, well-drained soils. Tends to flop and require support if planted in too much shade. Do not let the soil dry out!
  • Easy to grow, it requires very low care and is disease-free!
  • Deer resistant, it attracts scores of butterflies and is highly prized for its cut flowers
  • Simply deadhead to extend bloom and cut back after flowering to basal growth to promote new foliage growth and potential re-bloom later in the season.
  • Long-lived, it may take a few years to establish in a new location