Acer palmatum 'Butterfly' is an upright deciduous shrub or small tree with a pretty variegated foliage of 5-7 lobed green leaves, irregularly margined with silvery-white and light touches of pink on the edges in spring. Some leaves may have no markings while others may be solid cream. Sometimes gracefully twisted, the pale portion of the leaves turns scarlet to magenta in the fall, before shedding to the ground. Slow growing, this Japanese Maple enjoys an elegant vase-shaped habit and is ideal for containers or small gardens.

  • Grows up to 7-12 ft. tall (210-360 cm) and 4-8 ft. wide (120-240 cm).
  • A part shade lover, this plant is easily grown in moist, organically rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soils. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and keep roots cool. Leaf scorch can be caused by lack of soil moisture or excessive exposure.
  • Perfect as specimen plant in cottage gardens, city gardens, small gardens or for containers.
  • Low maintenance, this plant needs little pruning. If pruning is necessary, prune during the dormant season and avoid pruning in spring when the sap is running. Fertilize in spring before the leaves emerge.
  • May be affected by horse chestnut scale, aphids, verticillium wilt.
  • Propagate by grafting or softwood cuttings