Rosa 'Scentimental' is a showy variety of floribunda rose with small clusters of large, 4 in. across (10 cm), double, high-centered, burgundy-red flowers, adorned with creamy-white swirls and packed with up to 36 petals. No two flowers are alike, each bloom having its own distinct splashes of color. Opening from pointed buds, they enjoy a moderate, spicy fragrance and bloom in flushes from late spring into fall. Their brilliant colors contrast beautifully with the foliage of glossy, dark green leaves. Compact, bushy and rounded, this shrub is reported to be tolerant of heat, humidity.

  • 1997 All-America Rose Selection - the most prestigious rose award in the USA
  • Grows up to 3-4 ft. tall and wide (90-120 cm).
  • Best grown in full sun in rich, fertile with adequate moisture, well-drained soils. For best flowering apply a balanced fertilizer and mulch in late winter or early spring and a balanced fertilizer again in early summer.
  • Susceptible to blackspot.
  • Bred by Tom Carruth (United States, before 1996).