Tall, with larger flowers than other varieties, Sea Holly 'Jos Eijking' (Eryngium x zabelii) is extraordinarily eye-catching with its multitude of intense, iridescent metallic blue flowers, tightly packed into egg-shaped heads, that light up the garden throughout summer. Its beautiful texture and unique color that extends onto the stems and leaves, coupled with its long-lasting flowering, easy care and remarkable qualities as cut flowers make it a favorite of gardeners. A favorite of bees and butterflies too!

  • Grows in clumps of stiffly erect, branched stems up to 28 inches tall (70 cm).
  • Performs best in full sun in dry, sandy, well-drained soils. The sunnier the site, the more intense the blue! Tolerates poor soils. Avoid planting this plant in moist and fertile soils, where it will tend to sprawl and may require support. Drought and salt tolerant and deer resistant!
  • Excellent choice for sun baked, informal beds and borders or naturalistic plantings, where the steel blue flowers and foliage will superbly complement the vibrantly colored summer flowers. Ideal for small gardens. May be planted as a single specimen or in groupings. Perfect for cut or dried flower arrangements too!
  • Deadhead to preserve a neat appearance. Cut back in late summer after flowering is over.
  • Self-seeding may happen under satisfactory growing conditions, but rarely becomes a nuisance.
  • Transplants poorly and is best left undisturbed once established.