Grown for its magnificent silver white foliage, Artemisia ludoviciana (White Sage) is a fast-spreading perennial that adds light and contrast to the landscape and combines well with almost everything.

  • Typically growing in a bushy clump, 2-3' tall (60-90 cm) and as wide, its lance-shaped, semi-evergreen foliage is aromatic when bruised. Its tiny, yellow-gray flowers are inconspicuous and should be removed as they appear. 
  • Thrives in poor to moderately fertile, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Excellent soil drainage is essential. Good selection in poor, dry soils.
  • Focal point as a single specimen. Fits beautifully in any beds of perennial flowers and is a lovely addition to the herb garden.
  • Drought, deer and rabbit tolerant!
  • Prune plants before new growth starts in the spring and leave 12-18 inches (30-45 cm). Never prune stems to the ground. Foliage may also be lightly sheared in summer to shape.
  • This plant may spread aggressively by rhizomes if not controlled. It will require annual lifting and dividing in spring or fall to control spread.
  • Main Artemisia ludoviciana cultivars are 'Silver King' with dense, downy silvery-white foliage; 'Silver Queen' with finely divided, silvery leaves; 'Valerie Finnis' with silvery-gray, sharply cut leaves. It is less aggressive than the others and won the Award of Garden Merit (RHS); 'Silver Frost', a very compact cultivar (up to 18 in. or 45 cm) with finely cut leaves.