Grown for both its lovely foliage and heavily fragrant flowers, Hosta plantaginea is a remarkable Plantain Lily. It forms attractive, dense mounds of glossy, bright green leaves, broadly oval, with parallel veins and a quilted surface, and enlivens any shady area of the garden. They are elegantly topped in late summer and early fall with some of the largest flowers among the Hosta genus, up to 3-4 in. long (7-10 cm), and are also considered amongst the most fragrant of all Hostas. Opening in the evening, the trumpet-shaped, waxy, white blossoms rise on scapes up to 30 in. (75 cm) and are divinely eye-catching.

  • Erect and spreading, Hosta plantaginea is a garden perennial that grows up to 2 ft. tall (60 cm) and 3-4 ft. wide (90-120 cm).
  • A part shade to full shade lover, it is best grown in rich, moist, well-drained soils. Quite sun tolerant with adequate moisture, this plant is not fussy about soils and tolerates a wide range of conditions.
  • Perfect for the shade gardens, mixed with other perennials, as groundcover, edging, underplanting shrubs or in containers. Great as a specimen plant!
  • Low-maintenance and forgiving, this Hosta is native to eastern China, where temperatures can be very high with high humidity, therefore it is heat and humidity tolerant 
  • Watch for slugs and snails which could damage the attractive foliage.
  • Cut off the stems after blooming to encourage the plant's growth.