Robust and hardy, Ipheion (Spring Starflower) are small bulbous perennials with lovely star-shaped, sweet violet scented flowers borne on long slender scapes in mid to late spring. Most Spring Starflowers are available in white or light blue but deep violet-blue and pink cultivars are also available. Blooming for up to 8 weeks, the dainty blossoms rise atop a cushion of narrow, pale, delicate and grass-like leaves. Regarded to be one of the easiest bulbs to grow, the plants die down in early summer and the flowers can be cut for pretty indoor decoration. Easy to grow, Spring Starflowers are best massed in sweeping drifts in lawns, planted under shrubs, along walks or paths, or in rockeries where these charming beauties can be easily admired.

  • Grow up to 3-6 in. tall and wide (7-15 cm). Once established, Ipheion naturalizes well and comes back year after year.
  • Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade.
  • Low maintenance, Ipheion doesn't need weeding or deadheading to flourish and produce sizeable clumps.
  • Deer and critter resistant, Ipheion is virtually disease and trouble free. Watch for slugs and snails.
  • Plant the bulbs 2-3 in. deep (5-7 cm) and space 2-4 in. apart (5-10 cm) in fall.
  • Propagate by seed, sown in pots in a cold frame when ripe (cultivars may not come true from seed) or by division in summer when dormant
  • Native to Argentina and Uruguay