Vigorous, David Austin English Rose 'Claire Austin' (Ausprior) will fill your garden with beautiful blooms and delightful fragrance. The cupped buds, with attractive pale lemon shades, gradually develop into large, (3.5 in or 9 cm), flat rosettes of creamy-white flowers (120 petals) when fully opened. They exude an exceptionally powerful myrrh scent rich of a delicious vanilla element. This rose forms an elegant, arching shrub with lush, healthy, medium green foliage.

  • Blooming in flushes from late spring to fall, this rose is an excellent repeat bloomer
  • Grows up to 4.5 - 8 feet tall (130 - 240 cm) and 4 feet across (120 cm).
  • This ravishing rose bush is also a superb addition to the mixed border, planted with roses or other shrubs and perennials. Vigorous, it can also be grown as a climber up to 8 ft. (240 cm).
  • Plant it where you will be able to enjoy its perfume daily: near a doorway, along a path, near your patio or deck. Excellent cut flowers.
  • Best grown in full sun or part shade in rich, fertile with adequate moisture, well-drained soils.
  • This rose was named after David Austin’s daughter.
  • David Austin’s English Roses combine the flower forms and perfume of Old Roses with the color range and repeat-flowering habits of modern roses. As Rose breeder, David Austin’s achievement is in marrying the romantic “English Rose” look with reliable garden performance, vigorous growth, full bushes, disease-resistance and prolific season-long bloom. Over 200 English Roses have been released since 1961, many of them receiving the highest rewards.