Combining early flowering Clematis with your roses has the benefit of advancing the season of interest of your roses. Blooming before the roses, the Clematis use the roses as a support and their elegant blooms stand out against the foliage of the roses.

One of the first clematis to bloom in the spring, award-winning Clematis alpina 'Pamela Jackman' features masses of nodding, deep blue flowers adorned with white stamens. Dangling in the wind, the flowers open from narrow, pointed buds. As their sepals unfurl, they gradually rise from bell to flat or gracefully reflexed, revealing the white inner skirt. It is a charming progression from bud to flower.

Adding sparkle to the garden from mid to late spring, and occasionally in late summer, this small-flowered clematis looks ravishing when combined with early flowering climbing roses, such as Rose 'Mrs F. W. Flight', a vigorous, almost thornless climber with large clusters of semi-double, deep pink flowers with white centers.

Since 'Mrs F. W. Flight' blooms once in late spring or early summer, combining these two plants together has the benefit of extending their season of interest.