Often called the 'perfect perennial' because of its numerous qualities: showy flowers, wide array of vibrant colors, drought tolerance, heat stress immunity, ability to grow in most hardiness zones and low care requirements, Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are a remarkable and stunning addition to the garden.

Daylilies come in a wide range of heights from dwarf, less than 2 ft. tall (60 cm), to very tall varieties reaching 4 ft. or more (120 cm). 

If space is tight in your garden, if you wish to find small daylilies to decorate your pots and containers, or if you are looking for short daylilies as edging plants, you might want to try any of the charming dwarf daylilies selected below.

Less than 2 feet tall (60 cm), these compact daylilies will fit any tiny spot! Please note that height information is approximate, as it depends on growing conditions.