Often called the 'perfect perennial' because of its numerous qualities: showy flowers, wide array of vibrant colors, drought tolerance, heat stress immunity, ability to grow in most hardiness zones and low care requirements, Daylily (Hemerocallis) is a remarkable and stunning addition to the garden.

  • Daylilies have a relatively short blooming period, 1 to 5 weeks and depending on their variety and your area, they may bloom from early spring until frost. 
    Extra Early: These daylilies are the first to bloom, from March or April in the South, to May or June in the North.
    Early: These daylilies bloom 3-5 weeks prior to the mass of bloom at mid season.
    Early Midseason: These daylilies bloom 1-3 weeks before the height of bloom of most cultivars.
    Midseason: These daylilies bloom at the peak of the daylily bloom - from May in the South to July in the North.
    Late Midseason: These daylilies bloom 1-3 weeks after the height or peak of bloom in your garden.
    Late: These daylilies bloom when most others have finished blooming, usually 4-6 weeks after the peak of the season.
    Very Late: These daylilies are the last to bloom, often late in the summer in the South, fall in the North.
  • Some varieties are 'reblooming'. These daylilies bloom more than one time during a single season. Some of these bloom early (e.g., May or June) and then repeat in the fall. Others have a succession of bloom periods, one shortly after another for several months.

Tips: Prune off the old blossoms from the daylilies as soon as they begin to wilt to encourage new buds and reblooming

Here is a selection of pretty Daylily cultivars prized for their ability to rebloom. Enjoy!