Robust and extraordinarily beautiful, Nectaroscordum siculum (Sicilian Honey Garlic) displays showy clusters of gracefully drooping bell-shaped flowers combining cream, pink and green tints rising on a tall, leafless stem atop blue-gray, twisted basal leaves. Blooming in late spring or early summer, the flowers are then followed by decorative, erect seed pods in late summer which may be dried for winter decorations. This perennial exudes a strong garlic scent when bruised, hence its common name of Sicilian Honey Garlic. Easy to grow, undemanding and beautiful, this plant is a great addition to the landscape.

  • Growing up to 4 ft. high (120 cm) and spreading 12-18 in. (30-45 cm), this beauty may self-seed freely and is virtually disease-free and pest-free!
  • Easily grown in moderately fertile, well-drained soils in full sun or partial shade. Drought tolerant!
  • Attracts bees and is deer resistant!
  • Stunning in beds, borders, Mediterranean gardens, city or cottage gardens. For best visual impact, plant in groups (at least 5-7 bulbs). Mixes beautifully with Alliums or Papavers. Elegant, distinctive flowers, not only in the garden but in vases too!
  • To be planted in fall

Nectaroscordum are deciduous bulbous perennials related to Allium and Lilium and grown for their handsome umbels of bell-shaped flowers and their seed heads when dried. They are a small subgenus of the genus Allium consisting of only two species, Nectaroscordum siculum and Nectaroscordum tripedale. Both are rare ornamental bulbous plants used in gardening. Native to southern France, Italy and Sicily, Nectaroscordum is best suited to Mediterranean-like climates.