Resembling lavender with its rich violet-blue flower spikes, Mealy Cup Sage 'Victoria Blue' (Salvia farinacea) is a compact, multi-branched variety which blooms profusely from late spring to frost. Densely packed with small flowers that peek from the calyces, the abundant flowering spikes rise above the foliage of narrow, fresh green leaves.

  • Typically grows in thick, round clumps, up to 18-20 in. tall (45-50 cm) and 12 in. wide (30 cm)
  • Thrives in full sun to light shade in average to rich, evenly moist, well-drained soils. Drought and poor soils are tolerated.
  • Prized by gardeners for its ornamental blossoms, it provides a welcomed vertical accent to beds, borders as well as containers.
  • Highly popular for its long-lasting flowers that make excellent cut flowers and compliment any dried arrangements, Salvia farinacea is among the most rewarding plants in the summer garden.
  • Easy to grow, low maintenance, relatively pest and disease free, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and blends nicely with any other annuals or perennials for the best effect!
  • Tends to be ignored by deer and rabbits.
  • Perennial in hardiness zones 8 - 10, it may be grown as an annual in cooler areas.
  • Deadheading increases flower production
  • May be grown from seeds, starting indoors 10-12 weeks prior to the last spring frost date.