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Jazz Up your Walls - Vertical Gardening

Vertical planting is a striking way of hiding a dull wall, beautifying or adding drama to your interior or exterior spaces and nesting more plants than your small yard has room for. And this is fun!

Vertical Gardening, Grovert, Bright Green

Framed GroVert Lifestyle Walnut - Bright Green

There are also plenty of other advantages in vertical gardening:

Convenient, no need to bend down. Easy pruning or harvesting

Cleaner fruit or vegetables since no longer in contact with the ground

Fewer insects or disease thanks to better air circulation and lighting However, keep in mind that this type of gardening requires more care. Since placed at the eye level, it needs to be nicely maintained, if not manicured. Being potentially more exposed to the sun and light, the plants may also dry out quicker and therefore require more frequent watering and fertilizing.

Easy to realize, you will need a living wall planter, which consists of a polymer unit lined with a moisture mat, and all your imagination.

Vertical Gardening, Grovert, Bright Green

Simply populate the planting cells within each unit with your favorite plants

Vertical Gardening, Grovert, Bright Green

and hang it!

Vertical Gardening, Grovert, Bright Green

Watering can be either manual or through a built-in drip line system.

Vertical gardening, Succulent, Bright Green

Succulent Living Wall - Bright Green

Fascinating living walls can be designed with succulents, foliage, herbs, vegetables or perennials such as hostas, phlox, iberis, ferns, weigela. The possibilities are endless. Simply remember that if you opt for plants that will grow 2-3 feet out from the wall, you'll have to plant shade-tolerant species underneath.

Here are some ideas suggested by Bright Green

Vertical Gardening, Grovert, Bright Green

Vertical Garden, Vertical Planting, Bright Green

Vertical Gardening, Grovert, Bright Green Vertical Gardening, Grovert, Bright Green

So, ignite your imagination. Add splashes of greenery and other colors to your walls and create a gorgeous, relaxing environment!

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