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Teucrium - Germanders

Teucrium is a fairly large genus of herbaceous perennials, deciduous or evergreen shrubs, with aromatic leaves and whorls of little flowers. Native to Mediterranean climates, they are fairly drought tolerant and are great for difficult situations. They thrive in heat, in poor or rocky soils and are deer resistant.

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Teucrium chamaedrys (Wall Germander)

Prized for its compact habit and lustrous foliage, Teucrium chamaedrys (Wall Germander) is a low-growing, woody-based evergreen perennial forming a clump of branched ascending stems densely clothed in aromatic, oval, toothed, shiny dark green leaves. Whorls of two lipped, tubular, rosy-purple flowers are produced for 3-4 weeks in midsummer, often buzzing with bees.

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Teucrium fruticans (Tree Germander)

Sturdy, Teucrium fruticans (Tree Germander) is a twiggy evergreen shrub boasting small, aromatic, gray-green leaves with silvery white undersides that seem to glow in the landscape. Tiny lavender-blue flowers, 1 in. across (2.5 cm), often buzzing with bees, bloom almost year-round at the branch tips. Native to Mediterranean climates, Tree Germander is extremely durable, tolerating drought, wind and salt spray.

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Teucrium hircanicum (Iranian Germander)

Resembling Veronica, Teucrium hircanicum (Iranian Germander) is a showy perennial boasting dozens of upright lavender flower spikes in mid to late summer, over a lush mound of fragrant, sage-like, green leaves. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent for cutting.

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