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Tulipa - Tulips

A symbol of spring, tulips are the most popular bulbs and most gardeners reserve them a spot in the garden or in containers. There are currently over 3,000 registered varieties, which are divided into fifteen groups, mostly based on the flower type, size and blooming period of the tulip. Some Tulips are early season bloomers (Single and Double Early Tulips), others are mid-season bloomers (Triumph and Darwin Hybrid tulips) or late season tulips (Single and double Late Tulips, Fringed Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Viridiflora Tulips). If you love Tulips and want to have a great spring garden that blooms from early season through late, select Tulip bulbs that bloom across all three spring seasons. Exactly when the flowers bloom will depend on nature and the spring conditions in your area that year, but you should have a terrific garden that satisfies for months on end.

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Botanical Tulips

These are real early birds: they bloom before any other tulips. They catch the eye not only because of their extra early flowering but also because of their inflorescence and cheery range of colors. In addition, the graceful way the flowers open and their pretty foliage make them attractive before, during and after flowering.

Botanical tulips open early, are close to the ground, and flower beautifully

Often long-lived, they deserve more attention!

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Darwin Hybrid Tulips

The Darwin Hybrid group includes a series of tulips that excel due to their flower size and sturdy, long stems that withstand wind and rain. Among the best for naturalizing, they provide blooms up to 5 years!

Double Early Tulips

With their double row of petals, the Double Early Tulips look almost like peonies. Their bowl-shaped blooms reach 3 in. (8 cm) across and come in a wide range of colors

Double Late Tulips

Showy, double, bowled shaped flowers that resemble roses or peonies. These tulips introduce charm and romance in the garden with their multi-petalled flowers!

Fosteriana Tulips

Tulipa fosteriana is a wild species found in the mountainous areas of Central Asia. Although no longer being cultivated, numerous beautiful cultivars developed from it are still marketed. They differ from one another in height, but all have solitary, bowl-shaped flowers, 5 in. wide (12 cm), with a slender shape and large, sometimes striped, leaves. These tulips generally naturalize easily and come back year after year in the garden. They are well-suited to mixed borders and create impressive bedding displays. Bloom in early-mid spring.

Fringed Tulips

Quite elegant looking, easy to grow and weather resistant. More and more people are becoming interested in Fringed Tulips which enjoy all finely incised petals

Greigii Tulips

Low growing tulips with single bowl-shaped flowers in early to mid spring atop beautifully mottled leaves. Combined with their stunning spotted and striped leaves, these flower colors create an unforgettable visual impact.

Kaufmanniana Tulips

Their flowers open into colorful stars and their grayish leaves are often mottled

Lily-Flowered Tulips

Incredibly elegant, graceful and beautiful! What makes Lily-Flowered Tulips different from other tulip varieties are their slender flowers with often pointed, recurving petals.

Parrot Tulips

The flowers are green as buds, and as they grow it may seem as if the tulips will remain entirely green forever. But as the flower matures and opens, resembling a parrot's plumage, the brilliant colors are revealed. This is when their black, star-shaped center and their bright yellow stamens become apparent.

Parrot Tulips - Flower Bulbs Of The Year 2013

The wonderful world of tulips includes some very exceptional ones. Distinctive examples are the winners of the annual Flower Bulb of the Year for 2013

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Single Early Tulips

Single Early Tulips are fabulous as bedding plants and for forcing in late winter. They are some of the earliest flowering tulips, blooming after Fosteriana or Kaufmanniana tulips in the early-mid spring garden

Single Late Tulips

Single Late Tulips include cup- or goblet-shaped flowers and are among the tallest tulips with the Darwin Tulips. Blooming in late spring, after all other types of tulips have finished, they enjoy sturdy, long stems that withstand wind and rain.

Triumph Tulips

Single and cup-shaped blooms in an endless assortment of colors atop sturdy stems

Tulip Types

Stars of the spring garden, tulips are amongst the most popular bulbs, valued for their vibrant colors and shapes

Tulipa 'Abba' (Double Early Tulip)

One of the best early blooming red tulips! Long lasting, the large tomato-red blossoms of Tulip 'Abba' resemble peonies with their double row of feathery petals surrounding a yellow heart

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Tulipa 'Abigail' (Double Late Tulip)

Fragrant and resembling a rose, Tulip 'Abigail' is a lovely peony-flowered tulip featuring double rows of vibrant deep pink, almost purple velvety petals

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Tulipa 'Abu Hassan' (Triumph Tulip)

Showy and spectacular! Look at the color splash Tulip 'Abu Hassan' brings in the mid-late spring garden with its large and long lasting, rich mahogany-crimson goblet-shaped blossoms adorned with golden edges!

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Tulipa 'Acropolis' (Darwin Hybrid Tulip)

Tall and stately, Tulip 'Acropolis' is terrific with its iridescent rosy-pink flowers

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Tulipa 'Ad Rem' (Darwin Hybrid Tulip)

Fragrant and stately! Tulip 'Ad Rem' is a spectacular tulip with its large, richly colored blossoms! Wonderfully fragrant, it features glowing scarlet petals adorned with a golden band around the edges.

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Tulipa 'Aladdin' (Lily-Flowered Tulip)

Tulip 'Aladdin' is a remarkable lily-flowered tulip featuring scarlet goblet-shaped flowers with pointed and slightly reflexed petals presenting fine yellow edges

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Tulipa 'Alibi' (Triumph Tulip)

Stunning! Tulip 'Alibi' features large, cup-shaped, lavender pink blossoms in mid spring

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Tulipa 'Allegretto' (Double Late Tulip)

Almost looking like a rose with its extremely large, double set of petals, Tulip 'Allegretto' is spectacular with its densely-packed bowl of warm crimson petals trimmed with a golden rim

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