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Phlomis Russeliana, Jerusalem Sage, Turkish Sage, Phlomis Samia Boiss, Phlomis Viscosa, Deer resistant perennials, Yellow perennials, Phlomis fruticosa, Jerusalem sage,Phlomis italica Balearic Island sage


Handsome Mediterranean natives, Phlomis are perennials or small or evergreen shrubs grown for their sage-like, often silvery leaves, and their interesting whorls of yellow, white, or lilac, hooded flowers. Blooming over a long period in summer, they are great additions to borders or rock gardens. Their cut flowers are striking in bouquets!

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Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem Sage)

Award-winning Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem Sage) is a small spreading semi-evergreen shrub with architectural whorls of deep golden-yellow, hooded flowers borne along the upper half and at the tips of erect stems in early summer. Additional flushes of bloom may occur throughout the growing season if the stems are promptly cut back after flowering.

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Phlomis russeliana (Jerusalem Sage)

Phlomis russeliana, commonly known as Jerusalem Sage or Turkish Sage, brings interest to the garden almost all year-round! First, with its originating flower buds and the resultant flowers themselves in summer, then with its distinctive dome-shaped seed heads in fall and winter

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Phlomis tuberosa (Jerusalem Sage)

Handsome foliage, architectural blooms! Phlomis tuberosa brings multi-season interest to the garden, making it a valued perennial plant for the gardener.

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