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Adiantum, walking fern, maidenhair fern, Venus hair fern, Southern maidenhair fern, black maidenhair fern

Adiantum - Maidenhair Ferns

Undemanding and very decorative indoor and out, Adiantum (Maidenhair Fern) can be deciduous or evergreen ferns with shiny dark stems and finely divided fronds. Their leaflets are mostly fan-shaped, bright green and tissue-thin. Forming spreading clumps over time, they are colorful accents among swaths of low-growing shade plants, or as edging plants near ponds or pools.

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Adiantum aleuticum (Maidenhair Fern)

Incredibly attractive, Adiantum aleuticum (Maidenhair Fern) is a deciduous or semi-evergreen, perennial fern with graceful, bright green fronds which open like the fingers of a hand atop upright, shiny, purple-black wiry stems. Each finger is further divided into a series of triangular segments (pinnules).

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Adiantum raddianum (Delta Maidenhair)

Elegant and fast growing, Adiantum raddianum (Delta Maidenhair) is a tufted evergreen fern with smooth, purplish-black stalks bearing triangular, 3-pinnate, lacy fronds composed of rounded, fan-shaped segments. Emerging light green, they darken with age and can reach 18 in. in length (45 cm). Popular as houseplant, it is long lived if it receives sufficient humidity and is not exposed to drafts.

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Adiantum venustum (Himalayan Maidenhair)

Incredibly attractive, Adiantum venustum (Himalayan Maidenhair) is a deciduous fern, almost evergreen in mild areas, with broadly triangular fronds composed of many small fan-shaped segments. Emerging in late winter to early spring, the new fronds display a charming salmon flush before maturing to fresh spring green.

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